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Town Hall furthers conversation on transgender military ban

SAN DIEGO -- A group of transgender rights activists recently held a town hall meeting focusing on the ban on transgender service in the U.S. armed forces, with the goal of furthering the national conversation on the topic.

The meeting, which was attended by about 30 people, was held at The San Diego LGBT Community Center and broadcast on Livestream for the world to see.

Longtime "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" activist Autumn Sandeen was joined by The Center's Project Trans coordinator Connor Maddocks, and Military Freedom Coalition co-founder Ashleigh Barraza to answer questions submitted by those in attendance and via Twitter and Livestream. LGBT military activist Sean Sala moderated the forum and presented the questions to the panel.

According to Sala, the event was viewed nationwide by LGBT activists, transgender veterans, and transgender servicemembers who are currently serving in silence.

Kristin Beck, a trans activist and former Navy Seal, participated in the town hall, and posted the following statement to her Facebook page following the meeting:

 photo beck_zps981f3cbb.jpg

In attendance at the meeting included representatives from the HRC, American Military Partner Association, Fleet and Family Support Services, San Diego State University, Lambda Legal, G.L.A.S.S. and the Log Cabin Republicans.

The event was sponsored by the Transgender Law Center, and was organized by The Military Freedom Coalition, which is being hailed by many as the "forefront coalition" to combat the transgender ban in the military. The coalition consists of the Transgender Law Center, The American Military Partner Association, Gender Justice Nevada, The National Center for Transgender Equality, Gender Health Center and G.L.A.S.S.

Watch the video of the meeting HERE.