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The Seattle Times endorses openly gay state senator for mayor

(This post originally appeared HERE on the HRC Blog.)

SEATTLE, Wash. -- Last week, the Seattle Times endorsed openly gay state senator Ed Murray for Seattle mayor. Over the years, Sen. Murray has been at the forefront of all pro-equality legislation in the state and as mayor for one of the largest cities in the country will continue to advance pro-equality issues and serve as the city's first openly gay mayor.

Back in March, HRC endorsed Murray for Seattle mayor. Lacey All, one of HRC's Board of Directors, based in Seattle, and the chair of Washington United for Marriage, the campaign to grant marriage equality to Washingtonians, said this:

"Senator Murray has been a strong advocate for the LGBT community and will continue to do so as mayor. He worked tirelessly in the legislature to pass domestic partnership and eventually marriage equality legislation last year and campaigned harder than ever to defend it at the ballot. HRC National and HRC Seattle made an early decision to support Senator Murray and plans to support him along the way."