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Chile: Gay teen to have leg amputated after violent hate crime | VIDEO

PENALOLEN, Chile – A gay teen will end up having his leg amputated after he was violently attacked by a gang of six men who shouted anti-gay slurs, according to Chilean media reports.

Esteban Navarro, 19, was jumped by the gang of six on a soccer pitch on June 23, brutally attacking him with a machete, knives and iron bars. He was rushed to an emergency room in serious condition, and doctors had to amputate a foot. Since then, doctors have determined that it will be necessary to remove the teen’s leg, according to Terra online.

"We are very sad and concerned. Expect that here there is justice and punish those responsible to the fullest extent of the law. Esteban's life has changed dramatically in a homophobic attack," the family said in a statement issued by Movilh (Movement for Homosexual Integration and Liberation).

On June 26, Movilh filed a complaint with authorities for attempted homicide against those responsible and condemned the attack for its extreme hatred.

Ociogay.com reported this, according to a Spanish translation:

The spokesman for the organization, Oscar Rementería , criticized "the lack of public pronouncements by authorities on this case. Apparently for some solidarity and commitment to non-discrimination is determined by the media impact of a particular event, rather than by the severity of the violations," according to the Chilean newspaper 24 hours.

"A young man lost his leg last May, a young transsexual lost an eye and here almost all of the authorities condemned the murder of Daniel Zamudio , have kept absolute silence on the two latter cases, which is unacceptable ," concluded the spokesman.

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