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Their flow charts

Washington is full of policy wonks who tout their flow charts and heavily researched policy papers that make your head spin. But the visuals from this week's press conference in Washington take the cake.

The Blog Swarm

The best way to erase the law from the books in 2010 is for the Obama administration to include repeal in the defense authorization bill and then for Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, to also include repeal of the law in the defense bill he reports out of his committee.

One of 18,000

As one of the few (yes, 18,000 is a few!) couples that had the opportunity to legally marry in 2008, I am aware that we have a very critical responsibility to represent the fight for marriage equality. The reality of daily activities has become a sort of rally for marriage equality.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Say I Do

Once anyone has served our country in uniform with honor and dignity in an honest and genuine way, it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone to deny them the freedoms they fight to protect for all others.

Cheney’s DADT comments show times they are a-changin'

Sunday on ABC News This Week, former Vice President Dick Cheney joined President Obama, Admiral Mullen, Secretary Gates, Gen. Powell and Gen. Shalikashvili in the growing chorus of support for repeal.

Commentary: Time for military to dump DADT policy

In the words of Frank Kameny, “Gay is good,” and the time has come for the Department of Defense to teach its employees about LGBT in sanctioned diversity events.

Servicemembers United releases ‘Plan for DADT Repeal in 2010’

Servicemembers United announced yesterday the release of a plan for repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law in 2010 that accomplishes the goals of both pro-repeal advocates, including the White House, and the senior Pentagon leadership.