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Be counted: the 2010 Census

Every person over the age of 18 living in the United States must complete and return the 2010 Census form by April 1.

Texan convicted of hate crime

Three men in Galveston, Texas, were charged with hate crimes for their actions on March 1, 2009. One has already been convicted, a second man pleaded guilty Friday and a third man is scheduled to go on trial in April.

Human rights advocates protest Malawi's anti-gay tactics

African and British human rights campaigners protested the prosecution and imprisonment of the Malawian same-sex couple on charges of homosexuality, and against the Commonwealth’s failure to condemn their arrest and detention.

VIDEO: Equal Roots Coalition - "Queering the Census"

In an effort make sure LGBT couples and their families are counted, the Equal Roots Coalition has enlisted the assistance of veteran actor George Takei and his husband, Brad Altman, to help get the word out.

Behind the hate: Long-time activist runs new anti-gay site

A leading anti-abortion webmaster who is widely known for his extremist tactics is behind a new Internet site taking aim at gay and abortion rights supporters with ties to Kenya.