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The quiet revolution for marriage equality: Hennepin, 1970

Nearly every LGBT person knows about “Stonewall,” the spontaneous resistance to police intimidation of LGBT patrons at the Stonewall bar in New York City in June 1969.

Relatively few know about Hennepin in May 1970.

Events in both places became powerful catalysts for change in the way mainstream society treats LGBT people.

Stonewall took the form of hundreds of LGBT people using riots and defiance in a major city, refusing to obey laws that were hate-motivated and discriminatory on their face. Hennepin was one gay male couple, wearing suits and ties, walking into a county clerk’s office in the Midwest and applying for a marriage license.

Stonewall inspired the creation of thousands of LGBT organizations, newspapers and communities that grew enough political strength to win elections, change laws and insist the world understand that gay people are here.

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