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Profiles in Advocacy: Immigration justice through Alliance San Diego

When we consider the steps we have taken toward justice in the United States, one of the aspects that seems to defy black and white categorization is justice for immigrants. Though this country was settled by those seeking refuge from persecution in their native land, today’s U.S. citizens can be a little exclusive about who they want to let in.

In the scope of human civil rights, immigration law is perhaps one of the most difficult to navigate, notwithstanding the fact that those who require such assistance often have language, financial and social barriers to overcome. Among those assisting and defending individuals with these barriers to legal status is lawyer Ginger Jacobs.

Jacobs knew from 12 years of age that she wanted to be a lawyer and has always had an interest in social justice. Growing up in rural Indiana and describing herself as “bookish,” she was a member of the speech team and tended to choose topics like Apartheid or Tiananmen Square for her school projects.

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