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Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry expands, invests in ads | VIDEOS

NEW YORK -- Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry announced today the addition of dozens of new leaders and a video campaign targeting conservative leaders in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

The expansion follows a report released last week by the College Republican National Committee stating that more than a quarter (26%) of respondents would not vote for a candidate who opposes marriage for same-gender couples, even if they were in agreement on numerous other issues.

“With landmark Supreme Court rulings on marriage expected to be released any day now, it’s more urgent than ever to showcase the powerful voices of conservatives who support marriage for same-sex couples,” said Tyler Deaton, campaign manager of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry.

“Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry now boasts 65 accomplished leaders in Republican and right-of-center circles who are diverse in their geography, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and more. As the GOP seeks to grow in relevance and win new votes, it’s urgent that its elected officials listen to the conservative case for marriage and join us.”

The video campaign includes three 30-second online ads featuring Meghan McCain; Abby, Liddy, and Mary Anne Huntsman; and Margaret Hoover; as well as one longer, two-and-a-half minute feature video showcasing additional members of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry and making the conservative case for marriage. The ads will be targeted towards right-of-center political thought leaders in the Washington, DC area and will begin airing today.

"Marriage is a fundamental freedom that should not be denied to anyone. Freedom means freedom for everybody. Treating others as one would want to be treated includes allowing marriage for all couples who are truly committed to each other," said Zac Moffatt, former digital director for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and cofounder of Targeted Victory, a full service interactive advertising agency that represents the Republican National Committee, Marco Rubio for Senate, FedEx and others.

"Conservatives believe in family and personal responsibility, both of which are strengthened through marriage. The promise of America should be extended to all, regardless of their orientation. I am honored to be a part of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry."

Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry includes prominent young Republicans such as Meghan McCain, daughter of U.S. Senator John McCain; Margaret Hoover, CNN political contributor and veteran of the Bush administration White House and two presidential campaigns; S.E. Cupp, conservative columnist, author and MSNBC host; Abby, Liddy, and Mary Anne Huntsman, daughters of Republican presidential hopeful and Governor Jon Huntsman; and Matt David, former campaign manager of Governor Jon Huntsman’s 2012 campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. New additions include Troy Ard, former state chairman of the Colorado Federation of College Republicans; Tucker Bounds, manager of corporate communications at Facebook; Domenic Gelsomino, state chairman of the Idaho Federation of College Republicans; Stephanie Petelos, chairman of the Alabama College Republicans; Wade Lairsen, vice president in the office of corporate engagement at Goldman Sachs; and Sarah Pompei, deputy communications director of Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

"I am a conservative because I believe in family values, more freedom, and less government. The freedom to marry is completely in line with those conservative values," said Hessy Fernandez, president and CEO of the Principal Strategy Group, national Hispanic spokesperson of the McCain-Palin ’08 Republican presidential campaign, and former director of Outreach Communications and national Hispanic spokesperson for the Republican National Committee.

"Republicans are swiftly moving towards supporting marriage for same-sex couples, and I am proud to be part of this group of leaders.”

The report released last week echoes numerous other public opinion data that show growing support for the freedom to marry. A recent ABC poll shows that 52% of Republicans and GOP-leaning Independents under 50 years old support the freedom to marry.

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