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Connect2Compete provides online access for low income students

(This post originally appeared HERE in Assemblymember Toni Atkins' newsletter.)

According to the Pew Research Center, less than half of low-income K-12 students across America have broadband at home compared to more than 90% of higher-income families. What's more, nearly 30% of all Americans – approximately 100 million people – risk becoming increasingly isolated from contemporary life because they lack the Internet service and the skills necessary to use it effectively.

A collaboration of Cox Communications, the San Diego County Office of Education, Computers 2 San Diego Kids and the San Diego Futures Foundation, in partnership with the non-profit organization Connect2Compete, is working to bring broadband equality to San Diego students and their families and improve their educational opportunities through low-cost Internet service and computers. Families on the national free school lunch program are eligible.

Program Features:

- Low cost broadband by Cox for 2 years (Free modem rental, free installation, no contract or deposit)

- Refurbished computer from Computers 2 San Diego Kids or GoodPC

- Digital literacy training by San Diego Futures Foundation and other community partners (varies by location)

Eligible families may apply at www.connect2compete.org/cox or by calling 1-855-222-3252 or contact their school for more information.