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Lesbian soldier returns to military after DADT repeal

DENVER – More than 14,000 gay and lesbian troops were discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and some are returning to service since the discriminatory policy has been repealed.

One of those soldiers is Luiza Fritz of Colorado, a 13-year Army veteran who was discharged under DADT after a commanding officer found her MySpace page was filled with pictures of Fritz and her partner.

Fritz told 9news.com in Denver:

"One of the people that was allowed on my MySpace page was ordered to pull the page on her computer. The officer put a thumb drive in the computer and saved that MySpace page. He submitted proof of my personal life to the inspector general's office in Baghdad, which sparked the investigation and I was kicked out."

After DADT was repealed, Fritz went to the recruiting office and asked to re-enlist. In March, she was accepted back as a military police officer.

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