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FRIDAY: Second Class Citizens campaign to host photo shoot at Rich's | VIDEO

SAN DIEGO -- The Second Class Citizens Campaign is coming to San Diego with a stop at Rich's nightclub on Friday, March 15.

Ryan James Yezak, project director, is working on creating a documentary that focuses on LGBT individuals in the United States being treated like second class citizens.

Over 200 photos have already been taken and Yezak hopes to capture many more at Friday's photo shoot and other planned stops.

"Come pose and declare to the world that you are NOT a second class citizen," Yezak wrote in a Facebook event post.

The shoot is open to anyone age 21 and older. Participants should wear a black shirt and arrive camera-ready between 10 pm and 2 am.

Those who wish to participate should confirm their attendance on Facebook then let the doorman know they are there for the photo shoot.

Photos are $30 for individual portraits, and $20 per person for group portraits - cash and credit cards will be accepted. Event organizers say that all money raised from photo shoots will be used to support the Second Class Citizens campaign and documentary.

Rich's is located at 1051 University Ave. in Hillcrest.