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Christie's Place gets new grant to help HIV-positive women stay in care

SAN DIEGO – Hundreds of women living with HIV/AIDS in San Diego County will benefit from a new grant awarded to Christie’s Place by AIDS United.

At a time where treatment has proven effective not only in prolonging the life of those infected with HIV, but in substantially reducing transmission of new infections, retention in care has proven critical to the continued fight against the disease. Despite the significant promise early treatment holds for both people infected and for community prevention efforts, substantial social and structural barriers often cause HIV-positive people to drop out of care. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) estimate that only 41% of HIV-positive individuals in the United States are retained in care.

“Through the CHANGE for Women program, we have learned that our model must address trauma-related barriers that are at the forefront of HIV positive women’s lives in order to improve health outcomes, reduce health disparities, and improve the quality of women’s lives. Our new retention in care initiative will allow us to strengthen and expand lifesaving services and comprehensively address the consequences of trauma on the lives of women and families living with HIV,” said Dr. Erin Falvey, clinical manager of Christie’s Place.

AIDS United’s grant to Christie’s Place is part of a $4 million investment by the MAC AIDS Fund and its unique partnership with AIDS United, to support seven organizations across the U.S. to help define and expand programs that help keep HIV-positive people in care and on treatment.

“AIDS United remains committed to making grants to innovative programs that reach out to the most marginalized, underserved people who are most at risk for falling out of their HIV care,” said AIDS United president and CEO Michael Kaplan. “By supporting community-specific strategies to keep people in care, our Retention in Care Initiative helps advance two pillars of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy: optimizing health outcomes for PLWHA and reducing new infections, and helps us advance our mission to end the AIDS epidemic in America.”

About Christie’s Place

Serving the San Diego community since 1996, Christie’s Place is recognized as a national leader in delivering gender-responsive services that support access to healthcare for women, children, and families impacted by HIV/AIDS. As the only nonprofit organization in San Diego with this mission, their innovative model is dedicated to empowering clients to take care of their health and wellness. Their integrity, expertise, and longstanding foundation in the community, along with the delivery of family-centered services, cultivates hope and empowers women and families impacted by the HIV pandemic. The strength and values behind Christie’s Place represents their long-term commitment to AIDS and their ability to respond effectively and directly to evolving needs.

About AIDS United

Born out of the merger of the National AIDS Fund and AIDS Action in late 2010, AIDS United’s mission is to end the AIDS epidemic in the United States. AIDS United combines strategic grantmaking and capacity-building with national advocacy and regional organizing to ensure access to life-saving HIV/AIDS care and prevention services and to advance sound HIV/AIDS related policy for U.S. populations and communities most impacted by the epidemic. With a budget of over $15 million, AIDS United provided more than $7 million in grants last year supporting more than 400 AIDS organizations across the United States.

About MAC AIDS Fund

The MAC AIDS Fund, the heart and soul of MAC Cosmetics, was established in 1994 to support men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS globally. MAF is a pioneer in HIV/AIDS funding, providing financial support to organizations working with underserved regions and populations. As the largest corporate non-pharmaceutical giver in the arena, MAF is committed to addressing the link between poverty and HIV/AIDS by supporting diverse organizations around the world that provide a wide range of services to people living with HIV/AIDS. To date, MAF has raised $250 million (U.S.) exclusively through the sale of MAC’s VIVA GLAM Lipstick and Lipglass donating 100 percent of the sale price to fight HIV/AIDS. For more information visit HERE.