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Special town hall meeting to be held in Hillcrest tonight

Join the San Diego and Hillcrest community, as they welcome Hillcrest’s Patty Thongchua, owner of The Asian Bistro.

Last Tuesday The Asian Bistro was the site of a gunman's attack, after Stefano Markell Parker, 29, sprayed bullets into the active eatery. Luckily nobody was injured. 

Potcakes aren't what you think, and you can help save one

Find puppy love this summer in the North Atlantic.

Taking a trip to the Bahamas this year? Turks and Caicos perhaps? 

Then you will undoubtedly encounter free roaming puppies known as Potcakes throughout most of the islands in the North Atlantic.

Normally tourists aren't bothered by them; they are friendly and independent, stopping at nearby hangouts for a savory handout or a pat on the head.  

Local LGBT art programs help the community express themselves in creative ways

This year we’ll also be bringing you OUT at the Opera and OUT at the Ballet. When done with intention, the use of art, poetry, music, and theater can truly be a revolutionary act.

The turbulent stories of our unique perspectives, vulnerable lives and heroic movement are worthy of being preserved and showcased.

Visual and performing arts provide for us innovative advocacy and community building palettes where we are empowered to creatively bare out our hearts to find new empathic connections.

A message from SD Pride about trans military ban

These continued attacks are about so much more than only transgender servicemembers: they diminish, devalue, and dehumanize all trans people.

Dear Pride Family, 

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court voted to allow a ban on transgender servicemembers, while the issue makes its way through lower courts, putting upwards of 15,000 trans servicemembers and their families at risk.

Annual Big Mike birthday celebration always gives back

Big Mike's 20th Anniversary fundraiser is on Jan 19.

For 20 years, local LGBT activist Big Mike has been using his birthday to give back to others. This year is no different. 

Big Mike’s goal is to raise $20,000 that will be divided between Florence Elementary School PTA and the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

San Diego Gay Men's Chrous reminds you to test at home

The San Diego Gay Men's Chorus (SDGMC) just had another successful run with their seasonal hit "Jingle," but their message of awareness lives on in a two-year-old YouTube video promoting an at-home HIV test. 

As we head into the new year, there is no time like the present to revisit this reminder to know your status.

Airmen fired for their HIV statuses file lawsuit

“It’s disgusting that the Trump Administration is sending some men and women in uniform home for the holidays without jobs simply because of their HIV status."

The Trump administration is having to answer for their actions after they discharged two male Air Force personnel for their HIV-statuses. 

Ellen Page on table reads, Armistead Maupin and coming out

 The "Casablanca" reading will take place on Thursday, December 13 at the historic Ace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. 

Ellen Page assures me that a live table read is definitely a fun night out even if I think it sounds like something I'd want to take a rain check on. 

The Oscar-nominated actress is playing it again Sam in this year's table read as Rick Blaine, to Kiersey Clemons'  Ilsa Lund in a lesbian twist to the 1942 classic film Casablanca.

Urban Street Angels offer San Diego's homeless youth a wing and a prayer

Through their many programs, USA offers homeless teens a wing and a prayer.

Keeping San Diego's homeless youth safe is the primary mission of the Urban Street Angels (USA). Every day they hope to “end youth homelessness by providing supportive housing and employment opportunities to cultivate personal responsibility."