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This holiday season, give the gift that gives back

DENVER -- Development in Gardening (DIG) is offering its supporters a unique way to give holiday gifts, by donating to the DIG garden on behalf of loved ones.

By making a donation to DIG, contributors will be able to help fund a number of sustainable gardening projects that will improve the nutrition and health of HIV-affected and at-risk populations.

Holiday donations starting at $10 can make a difference in these communities by providing vegetable seeds, building gardens, purchasing tools and installing water systems.

DIG was founded in 2005 by returned Peace Corps volunteers Steve Bolinger and Sarah Koch following their service in Senegal, West Africa. The organization started with just one garden project. Today, DIG has projects in over seven countries and continues to refine and expand its work, keeping its grassroots focus and direct community involvement at the core of our operations.

Gift opportunities include:

- $10: Where it All Begins. Plant vegetable seeds. Supply a DIG group with a mix of open-pollinating seeds, which grow true to their mother plant each year and produce offspring exactly like the parent.

- $20: Yes, You Can Can. This donation will support the purchase of a watering can.

- $30: You Pick It. This donation will help support the planting and care of fruit trees.

- $40: Tis the Seasoning. This donation will support the planting of an herb garden.

- $50: The Right Tools for the Job. Provide a set of tools. Having strong sturdy tools are a must for every gardener. DIG wants to provide our participants with reliable tools that go the distance, so you can help by purchasing quality shovels, rakes, and hoes for our beneficiaries.

- $75: Make it Rain. Install a water harvesting system. These home water systems help capture and conserve precious rainwater that will be utilized in a family's garden. Systems include guttering, piping, and a storage barrel.

- $100: Bring It Home. Build a home garden. Participants use the skills and knowledge from the facility DIG gardens and a small grant for supplies and materials to transform excess space at their home into a productive vegetable garden.

- $250: How Does That Garden Grow. This donation will fund a community garden starter kit.

-$500: The Whole Shebang. This donation will help fund a complete garden enterprise.

- $100 a month to $1,200 a year: Hire a local facilitator. For $100 a month you can support the work and salary of a local DIG facilitator. For $1,200 you can give that person a job for a whole year, and who doesn't want a job these days. This individual will receive a competitive national salary and help lead the development and expansion of DIG gardens throughout the area.

- Choose your own gift: Donors can make a gift in any amount in honor of someone they love.

Recognition of gifts will be sent to the individuals of the donor's choosing through a personalized card. The card will describe how the donation will impact the people in DIG's projects.

For more information or to make a contribution, click HERE.