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"This Week" looks at marriage equality, social issues and marijuana

The “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” Powerhouse Roundtable on Sunday included Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren, Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md., The Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot, and The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel.

The following is a partial transcript from the show that discussed marriage equality, social issues and marijuana laws:

STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to get to one more issue before we take a break, a kind of remarkable evolution on social issues in this election is what we saw. Three states passed referendums on gay marriage, legalizing gay marriage. Also, both Colorado and Washington legalizing recreational use of marijuana. Congresswoman, let me begin with you first. We still have a red/blue divide on gay marriage, but this was significant. Your home state of Maryland.

EDWARDS: That's right. My home state of Maryland actually passed our marriage equality act, and it passed by a narrow margin, but it means that we have come quite a distance. We also passed the DREAM Act in Maryland as well. And so, I mean, I think that what you're seeing is evolution across the board, and people are saying, you know what, we actually don't need the government in the middle of our bedrooms, deciding what it is that we do, and we need to end discrimination across the board. And so, whether you're gay or straight, in Maryland at least, you'll have the ability to get married.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Is this a healthy development, having these initiatives?

GIGOT: I think it is. Because I think what you're doing is you're seeing really very contentious cultural issues, where we have this divide, as you said, being settled democratically, that is at the ballot box, through a process which both sides have to accept, because that's the way we do things in this country. And I think letting that play out in the states, as opposed to some kind of judicial imposition from above is the way to handle this over time.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You're a lawyer, Greta. I wonder if this is going to make the Supreme Court more or less likely to take on the issue of gay marriage this term?

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, what's so significant about this is that it wasn't a legislature, this was the people of the states speaking, that's what's so dramatically different than any of the state legislature. This is a big difference than what we have. These are the people in their states, we have state rights, and they have made the decisions.

I think the more interesting is the marijuana, because that conflicts with federal law. And what -- you know, and I don't know how they're going to reconcile that. The Supreme Court is going to have to debate that...

STEPHANOPOULOS: The attorney general has been silent on that so far.

VANDEN HEUVEL: I'm hoping that the president and the attorney general use this opportunity to ratchet down the drug war which would will disproportionately benefit Latinos and African-Americans. And after all, it's what the three last presidents of this country did when they were young, recreational use of marijuana.

VAN SUSTEREN: They didn't inhale.

VANDEN HEUVEL: They didn't inhale.

But I think it is as Donna said, I think you're seeing an astonishing transformation of tolerance and the social values and the idea that young people, especially, don't want government in their bedrooms. If I could, one proposition I find really interesting is the one in California showing that the kind of anti-tax hysteria has abated. I think that was an important one for the future.

GIGOT: Good luck California with your economy on that one.

STEPHANOPOULOS: What should the Justice Department do now on these issues -- in Colorado and Washington? Should they enforce federal law or let it go?

GIGOT: I think -- if I look at Supreme Court precedence, I think that they will be overturned. I mean, it just conflicts with federal law. And it seems to me that ...

VAN SUSTEREN: But so did Arizona with the immigration...

GIGOT: And they overturned some of that, too. So I don't think this will hold up -- at least under current Supreme Court precedent.

STEPHANOPOULOS: OK. Thank you all very much -- one more round to go, which candidates are already making their moves for 2016? The roundtable weighs in on that.

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