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Profiles in Advocacy: Taking on bullies

Who was the first human bully? As I contemplate October’s designation as National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, I wonder that very thing.

If we see bullies as individuals who assert their dominance over a weaker individual to achieve their own ends, was it the first human that recognized themselves as stronger and hungrier than the rest of the tribe? We see and understand this trait in animals but, in an enlightened civilization, why does it continue to happen among humans?

A benchmark of our entertainment industry is the idea that the right will win out and karma is on the side of the good. From “Revenge of the Nerds” to “Mean Girls,” we embrace the idea that bullying is wrong fundamentally, and when a person stands up to that bullying faction, the crowds will also rise up and take the bullies down.

Maybe once upon a time, in a less digital age, we could cling to that ideal, but in a world that allows anonymous hurtful behavior through social media, what can we do?

Youth in school often experience the first tastes of bullying, and Stomp Out Bullying is one organization that looks to take this battle on. With resources to help both teens and parents understand and deal with bullying, they have a global campaign that addresses this menace in its various forms.

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