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How Northern Ireland will win gay marriage in five years

BELFAST, Northern Ireland -- With plans for gay and lesbian marriage developing fast in England, Scotland and Wales, the struggle for equality in Northern Ireland has received far less attention.

But a new executive committee has been elected to run Equal Marriage Northern Ireland and its chair, John O’Doherty is confident of success.

It won’t be the same strategy as in the rest of the United Kingdom. A political debate is under way but the constitution in NI and its conservative make-up – including some virulent homophobes – prevent a political resolution to the issue.

Instead O’Doherty and his team have to steer a more complicated course. But in doing so they have lessons for other parts of the world about how to handle the issue with respect for everyone, including their religious opponents. It’s a lesson that Northern Ireland’s history has uniquely prepared them to share.

Gay Star News spoke exclusively to O’Doherty to discover the whole story, which you can read HERE.