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Los Angeles Unified School District collaborates with LGBT History Month

LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the nation’s second-largest school district, has collaborated with Equality Forum for this month's LGBT History Month.

The district will utilize the free LGBT History Month online educational resources to educate its students about the contributions of LGBT individuals throughout time.

The LAUSD educational collaboration follows the passage of the FAIR Education Act in 2011, making California the first state to require public schools to teach LGBT inclusive history.

"I want LGBT students to see their education as the diamond, their joy in their life rather than their trauma,” said Dr. Judy Chiasson, coordinator, Human Relations, Diversity & Equity, for LAUSD. "Schools have an obligation to present the diversity of our communities. There are many different types of families; we want all of our families to be recognized in our schools."

On Sept. 19, the School Board of Broward County, Florida, the nation’s sixth-largest school district, became the first in the country to issue a unanimous resolution in support of LGBT History Month.

"Previously, the LGBT community was the only minority not taught its history at home, in public schools or religious institutions,” said Malcolm Lazin, executive director, Equality Forum, and founder of LGBT History Month. “The Los Angeles and Broward School Districts are the first major public school districts to recognize the important national and international contributions of the LGBT community. These two school districts take the first, but giant step in public school embracing LGBT inclusion and respect."

The Los Angeles and Broward school districts include more than 1 million students. There are over 14,000 school districts in the United States.

In 2010, the federal government recognized LGBT History Month when Secretary Arne Duncan led a U.S. Department of Education ceremony. In 2011, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi issued a proclamation for LGBT History Month.

Each day of the month, an icon is featured with a video, biography, bibliography, downloadable images and other educational resources. San Diego Gay & Lesbian News, a sponsor of LGBT History Month, features an icon each day in the Causes section. To view this year's icons to date, click HERE.