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Being Alive San Diego seeks volunteers

SAN DIEGO -- Being Alive is in need of volunteers in different capacities.

Anyone interested can go to Being Alive, 4070 Centre St, in Hillcrest and fill out an application.

Volunteers are needed in the Helping Hands Moving Services area. The agency provides free moving services to clients facing eviction, and assists them in finding affordable housing or sign up for rental subsidies. Being Alive also provides all the necessary supplies to complete the move prior to becoming homeless and disrupting medical care.

Peer Advocacy -- This is the heart of the agency. Being Alive needs volunteers who have “been there.” The peer advocate provides resources, counseling in the needs of the clients, signs up clients for AIDS Drug Assistance Program, Office of AIDS-HIPP program and other services. The Peer Advocate also establishes the level of trust with a clients and that allows Being Alive to remove barriers to care and treatment.

Holistic AIDS Response Program, or HARP -- Being Alive is looking for licensed massage, chiropractic care, reiki, reflexology, acupuncture and other therapies. This program helps to combat the side effects of taking HIV meds over a time period. The agency is also accepting application for licensed barbers-stylist, since it provides free haircuts to the clients so that they can use their resources for their health and well-being.

Being Alive San Diego’s mission is to deliver quality and compassionate services to people affected by HIV/AIDS and to provide education to those in need. Being Alive was formed by 6 HIV-positive individuals in 1989 to address the need for “peer driven” support and services. Today Being Alive is the longest running AIDS service organization in San Diego, serving more that 10,000 individuals every year.