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VIDEO: Ben Cohen gets sexy, part of his cause fighting bullying, homophobia

Ben Cohen, the former British rugby star who causes gay men and the ladies to swoon with his macho poses and penchant for going shirtless, is a champion of anti-LGBT bullying and outspoken in his personal quest to fight homophobia.

Through his Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, the sexy straight man and father of twin girls is making a difference in the lives of countless teenagers who may face bullying or homophobia.

To raise money for his foundation, Cohen has been busy making his 2013 calendar … and it appears to be as hot as the late summer in San Diego.

Cohen has released a video to YouTube about the making of the calendar, and it makes McSteamy look, well, so tame! He dresses, and strips off his clothes. He boxes and lifts weights. He shows off his pecs and his abs. He models his StandUp underwear and T-shirt line, and causes a lot of drooling and envy.

Sales from the underwear line go directly to the foundation, so it helps a great cause.