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ACTION ALERT: Support the Hillcrest Pride Flag's "Orchid" nomination

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Architectural Foundation (SDAF) has nominated the Hillcrest Pride Flag project for one of its "Orchid" awards, as part of its annual "Orchids & Onions" program.

"Orchids & Onions" is an interactive, community-based program geared towards raising awareness and encouraging practical discourse in response to San Diego's built environment. The success of the program relies heavily upon the citizens of San Diego -- public nominations and feedback about the nominations published on the "O&O" website are integral to planning, growth and future development of our city.

According to SDAF, each year, a jury of design professionals and artists is selected to determine the official "Orchids & Onions" based upon public submissions in categories including: architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, historic preservation, sustainable design and miscellaneous.

The 'Miscellaneous' Category encompasses anything and everything that the existing categories do not; and any nomination submitted to the Miscellaneous Category that is determined to be an Orchid or Onion will be recognized in a category specific to that project.

The Hillcrest Pride Flag project has been nominated for an "Orchid" award under the Miscellaneous designation.

The flag pole, which was installed in July, flies a rainbow flag year round, and was funded by the Hillcrest Business Association. San Diego LGBT Pride has agreed to maintain the flag.

Community members are encouraged to share comments on the Hillcrest Pride Flag's designation online, letting SDAF officials know why they believe this community landmark is deserving of the honor.

More information about the Hillcrest Pride Flag is HERE.

To learn more about "Orchids & Onions" or to express comments about the Hillcrest Pride Flag click HERE.