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VIDEO: "Obama Love Bug" for marriage equality rolls into Charlotte for DNC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Energized by President Barack Obama’s support for same-sex marriage, gay couple Luke Montgomery and Eduardo Cisneros covered every inch of their 2010 VW Beetle in over 1,000 “Legalize Love” Obama bumper stickers and set out on a 2,400 mile cross-country journey from their Los Angeles home to give away bumper stickers at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

During the trans-red state journey in a car that might serve as a lightning rod for homophobia, the couple said they were treated to hundreds of honks and “thumbs-up” gestures of support with only one incident where they were harassed and called “faggots.”

They hope that giving away thousands of the “Legalize Love” stickers to delegates -- with the “O” in “Love” replaced with the familiar Obama logo -- will help show support for the President’s politically risky backing of marriage equality.

The activists also want to invite all LGBT and equality supporters to join the movement at LegalizeLove.com where they can get their own “Legalize Love” Obama stickers.

“We simply want the right to marry like everybody else. We’re both excited to be here in Charlotte giving away free ‘Legalize Love’ bumper stickers. It’s going to be a tight race and the ‘Obama Love Bug’ is all about going the extra mile and keeping anti-gay Mitt Romney out of the White House,” Cisneros said. “The President is sticking up for our families and our free ‘Legalize Love’ Obama bumper stickers are our way of literally ‘sticking up’ for him in this tight election.”

“Republican Super PACs are throwing millions of dollars at the Romney-Ryan campaign. We must do our part so that an inequality of campaign cash doesn’t lead to inequality for lesbians and gays,” Montgomery said. “Romney might think cash is king -- but LegalizeLove.com is out to prove love conquers all.”

Clad in blue “Legalize Love” T-shirts, the couple plan on driving the streets close to the convention passing out free bumper stickers and taking photos with delegates and the “Obama Love Bug” on both Wednesday and Thursday.

Activists are also rallying support for the cause and free bumper stickers on ¬Facebook, ¬Twitter and ¬Tumblr. The ¬LegalizeLove.com website, with the goal of giving away 100,000 bumper stickers, is donating the first 10,000 and inviting the public to participate in helping fundraise for the rest.

T-shirts reading “Legalize Love” are being offered on the site starting at $9.99 with each shirt helping pay for five more free bumper stickers being printed and mailed to people who sign-up at LegalizeLove.com. The campaign store also has wristbands, tank tops, buttons and hoodies to help get the word out and show support for this grassroots movement.

“Romney and Ryan are one same-sex couple that will be a disaster for the rights of millions of same-sex couples,” Montgomery said. “We hope people join us in saying ‘I do’ to equal marriage rights and Obama by getting their free bumper sticker at LegalizeLove.com.”

(LegalizeLove.com is an independent pro-equality movement not affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by Obama for America. LegalizeLove.com encourages supporters to get involved with the official Obama 2012 campaign at their website BarackObama.com.