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Profiles in Advocacy: Visiting the San Diego Foundation

If there were a foundation intent on helping you reach optimal funding sources and provide you with the tools to effectively communicate with grant makers, would you find that valuable? My friends, welcome to the San Diego Foundation.

I am relatively new to the nonprofit side of things and, like many in this arena, I hoped that a good heart, a sincere smile and the obvious passion imbued into my words would convince the world that my cause was worthy of funding. Cue to images of slammed doors, phones sent to voicemail and emails placed in junk folders.

It’s not quite that easy and invoking the name of the University for which I work did not open the doors I thought it would. My heart, smile and words would not do me much good if I never got in front of the right person to experience them.

I came across the San Diego Foundation, and while I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, I nosed around on their website and found something called a Better Giving Portrait. This portrait was a way to get money, so naturally I contacted the foundation.

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