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VIDEO: "Imagine if it were illegal for you to be you?"

LONDON -- The Kaleidoscope Trust on Wednesday launched its groundbreaking new video campaign, "Imagine if it were illegal for you to be you?"

This hard-hitting video asks people to imagine what it would be like if it were illegal for them to be themselves. What if it were illegal to be blonde? Or have blue eyes? Or to be 5-foot-10? Or be gay?

Because in 78 countries it is still illegal to be gay. Members of the trust believe that nobody should be made a criminal in their own country because of who they love or how they identify their gender. It should never be a crime to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Already the campaign has had huge success, attracting the support of celebrities like Elton John, John Barrowman, Stephen Fry and Boy George. In just two days it has had over 30,000 views on YouTube. You can help spread the word by viewing the video below, sharing it on Social Media or with family and friends.