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Online fundraiser raises money for survivor of Texas shooting of lesbian couple

SINTON, Texas -- In response to the tragic shooting of a young lesbian couple in Texas, which claimed the life of Mollie Olgin and left Mary Kristene Chapa in critical condition, friends have created a donation page on WePay to raise money for Chapa's medical expenses.

Josh Moreno, who responded to a request for more information about the fundraiser, said that the online drive was created by Chapa's brother, sister and cousin to help offset the medical bills that have begun to pile up. Chapa does not have medical insurance.

As of 9 am Tuesday, July 3, the WePay donation page shows that almost $29,000 has been raised for the effort.

San Diego Remembers, a local group which will hold an informal candlelight vigil on Tuesday at 8 pm near the site of the John Wear Memorial Hate Crimes plaque on University Ave., will collect donations during the event and send them into the family.

For more information or to make a donation, click HERE.