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ACTION ALERT: Stop tabloid editor, who called on Ugandans to hang the gays, from visiting U.S.

Giles Muhame is the editor of Uganda’s Rolling Stone tabloid, which made international headlines when it published the photos of “100 of the Top Homos” in 2010, next to a hangman’s noose and the words “HANG THEM.”

Muhame, who caused untold harm with his publication, wants to visit the United States to attend a friend’s wedding. A petition this reporter created on change.org is calling for the State Department to deny the anti-gay crusader entry to the U.S.

Muhame is small and effeminate man who, in a villainous anti-gay role, giggles his way through “Call Me Kuchu,” the acclaimed documentary currently touring the U.S. The film is about the struggles of the LGBT community in Uganda during the introduction of the Anti-Homosexuality (“Kill The Gays”) Bill , as told by David Kato, who has since been murdered.

Kato was one of those pictured in the tabloid.

Given the events that occurred after the cruel outings, Muhame may well be indirectly responsible for the brutal death of Kato, the LGBT activist who was murdered mere weeks after his heroic win in a court battle against Muhame and the tabloid, where Muhame was ordered to refrain from further publication and to pay a large fine.

Muhame’s timing exacerbated the harm to the LGBTI community as he timed his singlehanded exposure of the particular gays during a festering anti-gay climate. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill had been introduced by a member of Uganda’s Parliament, David Bahati, adding to the impetus of the outings, as the legislation included the death penalty, and became known as the “Kill The Gays” bill.

Many of the exposed LGBT Ugandans outed by Muhame were forced out of their homes by family members, others lost jobs, and some were brutally attacked and endured torture as a direct result of the outing.
The U.S. State Department is aware of the petition requesting them to refuse granting a visa to Muhame. The LGBT community is up in arms about allowing a man into the United States who has called for the murder of gays and caused extreme violence against the LGBT community.

A spokesperson from the State Department said that information about the issuance of visas to individuals is confidential.

If the government does allow Muhame into the country, the LGBT community in the U.S. will ensure that Muhame does not receive a pleasant welcome. Protests are already in the works.