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San Diego Remembers to host vigil in response to Texas shooting of young lesbian couple

SAN DIEGO -- In response to the shooting of two young lesbians in Portland, Texas last weekend, San Diego Remembers will host a brief vigil at the site of the John Wear Hate Crimes Memorial Plaque in Hillcrest on Tuesday, July 3, at 8 pm.

Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, and Mary Kristene Chapa, 18 were found Saturday in a nature area knee-deep in grass, and are believed to have been shot nine hours earlier. The shooting claimed the life of Olgin, and Chapa remains in serious but stable condition following emergency surgery.

While the motive of the shooting remains unclear, the local police chief told media that he does not believe that the girls' sexual identity was a factor.

The Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT organizations have released statements on the matter, and San Diego Remembers has decided that it is important to speak out against the violent act, regardless of the motive.

"All acts of violence are hateful, and we believe it is important to stand up for these members of our greater LGBT community who have suffered a loss of life," said Rick Cervantes, founding co-chair of San Diego Remembers.

Community members are encouraged to gather at the plaque, located on the sidewalk in front of 1029 University Ave., for a brief candlelit vigil and moment of silence. Some candles will be available but community members are encouraged to bring their own.

The plaque is a tribute to John Wear, who died in 1991 after being attacked because he was perceived to be gay. San Diego Remembers and other groups regularly hold vigils and remembrances at this site.

More information about the vigil is HERE.