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California Gov. Jerry Brown urges Scotland politicians to lead over marriage equality

The governor of a U.S. state embroiled in a legal row over gay marriage has urged Scotland's politicians to press ahead with equality legislation.

The advice from California's Jerry Brown comes as the Scottish government prepares to release details of its consultation into same-sex marriage.

Brown said it was important for politicians to lead on the issue.

First Minister Alex Salmond said he personally supported reform but he did not want opponents to "feel ignored."

In June 2008, the State of California allowed homosexual couples to get married.

However, within five months of the decision, the legislation was overturned through the Proposition 8 ruling which said: "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."

For nearly four years the so-called Prop 8 issue has been brought regularly before the courts and until a final decision has been made, the ban on gay marriage stands.

Democrat Brown said politicians in Scotland would benefit from looking at the Californian experience.

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