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Free San Diego Pride festival tickets available for takers of "The Early Test" for HIV

SAN DIEGO -- UC San Diego's Antiviral Research Center (AVRC) will again offer free tickets to this year's San Diego LGBT Pride Festival to those who take an HIV test at their facilities through July 18.

Those who schedule an appointment for a free, confidential between June 15 and July 18 will receive a free one-day ticket to the festival, which will be held July 21-22.

Tickets will be available for those who take the test at one of four locations: the AVRC, The Center, Walgreens in North Park, and Lead the Way's storefront.

After becoming HIV infected, it typically takes up to three months to develop a positive antibody test result. During this “window period” when the HIV antibody test is negative, a different type of test – a type of "viral load" test – can detect the presence of HIV. The Early Test is one such test.

To schedule an appointment, call 619-543-8080 and mention "Tickets for Testing." Festival tickets are limited and will be given way while supplies last.

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