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Report: 71% of Britons support marriage equality

In a report released by Stonewall today, a YouGov poll has found 71% of people approve of the government’s plans to allow gay couples to marry, and the same number want faiths to be able to perform gay weddings ceremonies if they choose.

The poll also showed that three in five people of faith support the government’s plans to extend civil marriage to gay couples, despite opposition by many faith leaders.

Stonewall’s five-yearly polling of public attitudes, for its 2012 Living Together report, said more than 80% of British adults under 50 supported the proposal.

Respondents were asked to what extent they supported the idea: “The Government intends to extend the legal form and name of civil marriage to same-sex couples.” 71% were in favor of the move.

YouGov surveyed 2,074 adults in England, Scotland and Wales online between Nov. 25 and Dec. 5 last year.

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