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VIDEO: Local videographer explores LGBT youth homelessness in San Diego

SAN DIEGO -- Realizing that LGBT youth homelessness is a real problem in our community, local videographer Anthony Gioffre set out to do something about it by creating a short video exploring the problem and possible solutions.

Gioffre and his partner Gary Rader own GoldenLodestar Productions, a videography company that gives back to many community nonprofits by capturing their work on film.

In his latest video project discussing LGBT youth homelessness in San Diego, Gioffre sits down with San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and City Councilmember Todd Gloria, both openly LGBT elected officials, to hear their thoughts on the issue.

Noting that some reports say 30% to 40% of homeless youth are LGBT, Dumanis told Gioffre that local efforts are currently in place to address the issue. Dumanis noted that the new "one-stop" homeless service center in San Diego's old World Trade Center building and the Sunburst Youth Housing Project are two of these projects.

Gioffre said that many youth do not feel that they are treated fairly when accessing these services.

To this, Dumanis responded, "That's something we need to deal with right then and there."

Gloria said that San Diego is a leader on the issue of youth homelessness.

"In the earlier part of the last decade, when I was the chair of the [San Diego LGBT Community Center's] board, we commissioned a needs study because we had a sense that this was a growing problem and we wanted to do something about it," Gloria said.

In the video interview, both politicians suggest solutions to the problem, some that are already in place.

Gioffre hopes that through this video, the conversations about youth homelessness will continue and community members will work toward a solution.

Watch the full interview below.