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Special Delivery San Diego celebrates 21 years

SAN DIEGO -- Serving more than 100 free, healthy meals daily to low-income individuals living with HIV, AIDS and other medical conditions, the nonprofit Special Delivery San Diego can trace its origins back 21 years to the humanitarian effort of one Uptown restaurant owner.

Ruth Henricks, owner of The Huddle Restaurant in Mission Hills, shouldered the task of becoming her neighbor’s keeper after seeing her regular customers gradually become increasingly ill. “My customers coming in were getting sicker, thinner and wasting away before my eyes,” Henricks said. “I have a God-given talent to cook. I wanted to be able to somehow help them.”

Henricks did help, by forming the all-volunteer organization Special Delivery next door to her restaurant. The nonprofit is located at 4021 Goldfinch St.

“For the first few years we were feeding people living with AIDS in the immediate neighborhood of Hillcrest and Mission Hills, just keeping up with their nutritional needs [and] making sure we were giving them a good, hot meal – and their dignity – in their last days,” Henricks said.

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