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A new vision for nonprofit sustainability with the Advancing Compassion Project

SAN DIEGO -- One of those quotes that get bandied about a bit is “it takes a village,” from its roots as an African proverb to a book by Hilary Clinton. I’d like to think that Advancing Compassion Project (ACP) takes this concept one step further: “It takes an informed village,” the quote could read.

ACP understands that the heart of a non-profit organization’s success is rooted in its ability to connect to the community and has a plan to help them achieve that aim.

Founded in June 2011 by husbands Tyler and Tony Dylan-Hyde, ACP was created to identify novel and efficient grassroots, non-profit organizations and support them with an extra step of connect-ability to the donors and volunteers sharing an organization’s vision.

I took an opportunity to sit down with the Dylan-Hydes to discuss the impetus that prompted them to form ACP.

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