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here! TV show to discuss HIV criminalization TONIGHT

NEW YORK -- In the second half-hour of here! TV’s special two-part series "For & Against," host Jim Morrison tackles the little-known issue of HIV criminalization. The program will air tonight exclusively on here! TV's network and online.

In states across the country, people are being sent to jail for not disclosing, or being accused of not disclosing, that they are HIV-positive.

“HIV criminalization is the civil rights assault and public health disaster no one is talking about. Positive or negative, we all need to be informed and fighting back,” said Morrison. “Putting people in jail for not disclosing their HIV status is resulting in a shocking trend: people deciding that getting tested is the more dangerous option. Ignorance and homophobia are joining forces and putting the fight against HIV/AIDS in serious jeopardy.”

Guests and interviewees for the special episode include Sean Strub, founder of POZ magazine, and Regan Hofmann, POZ’s current editor in chief.

Every other week, "For & Against" offers here! TV viewers the chance to explore news and headlines through a uniquely LGBT lens. Episode features Morrison digging deeper into the issues to focus on how everything from campaign finance to current and future White House policy affects the LGBT community. Morrison also sits down with top policymakers and pundits spanning the political landscape and challenges them on the issues that influence LGBT voters.

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