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NBC/WSJ poll: Support for marriage equality trending upward

WASHINGTON - NBC News/Wall Street Journal today released a national survey on marriage equality that reflects the ongoing sea change in public opinion on the issue -- across a number of demographics, including party affiliation, age and ethnicity.

“Today’s poll is yet another sign of where the country is moving - and moving at lightning speed,” outgoing HRC President Joe Solmonese said. “We’ve seen significant jumps in a number of respected polls over the past few years, confirming it’s a question of when, not if, we achieve full marriage equality.”

The NBC/WSJ survey showed marriage equality has strong majority backing among Democrats (up 12 points from 2009) and a plurality of Independents (up 9 points). There was a large increase in support among African-Americans -- 32% favored in 2009 to 50% now. And a majority in both the 18-34 and 50-64 age brackets favor marriage for gay and lesbian couples.

Overall, 49% of Americans support committed, loving gay and lesbian couples getting married, according to the poll, with 40% opposed. In 2009, support for marriage equality was at only 41%, with 49% opposed.

Other recent national polls, including from CNN, Gallup, AP, register majority support for the issue.

The poll was conducted Feb. 29 to March 3, 2012, of 800 adults, including 200 cell phone-only respondents which included GOP primary voters. The poll can be found HERE.