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UAFA Gains Influential New Cosponsor

At last June’s Senate Judiciary Committee UAFA hearing, Specter (D-PA) expressed strong support for ending discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans and their families in immigration law. Immigration Equality applauds Senator Specter for his support for LGBT binational families.

Chaplains Speak Out

Earlier this week three retired military chaplains – representing the Army, Navy and Air Force – expressed their support for repeal of DADT in a statement issued by VoteVets.org.

Building Trust In The Trenches

We’ve seen some of the strongest militaries in the world – including Great Britain and Israel – allow open service without incident. It is long past the time to treat our own service members with the respect they deserve as professionals.

Donate to Buy Toys for the Holidays

Your donation to Pride's Milk Money Campaign will help the Imperial Court fill in the gaps by purchasing much needed toys for those who need them most.

Something is Wrong With This Picture

It was reported this week that a Navy Captain and former astronaut who plead guilty to felony burglary and misdemeanor battery charges was sentenced to one year of probation.

Renewing Our Promise

In addition to the hundreds of Civil War veterans and numerous Senators and Representatives buried at the Congressional Cemetery, it is also the final resting place for Sergeant Leonard Matlovich, USAF, a Vietnam War veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, and a gay man.

Calls for Action During Transgender Awareness Week

"In all the work we do at Lambda Legal, we are fighting for a basic principle: everyone has the right to be true to their sexuality, gender identity and gender expression and to live, work and love with dignity and equality."