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ACTION ALERT: Tell Oklahoma lawmakers to keep gays and lesbians in its National Guard

In a recent odd move, Oklahoma state Rep. Mike Reynolds drafted and began floating legislation to force the Oklahoma National Guard to reinstate "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," an outdated policy that has been declared unconstitutional in federal court, declared harmful and unnecessary by our nation's senior defense leaders, and voted out by a large bipartisan majority of members of Congress.

Reynolds claims that his reason for seeking to reinstate the policy just for the Oklahoma National Guard is based on phone calls he has received from guardsmen "asking" him to do so. However, the likelihood of this excuse being truthful is about as dubious as the legality of what he is trying to do to begin with.

This kind of bigotry is a slap in the face to the mission-focused men and women of the Oklahoma National Guard, including countless gays and lesbians, who have served and sacrificed for the true American values of personal freedom, equality for all, and individual liberty. Such an abuse of Oklahoma's National Guard as an excuse for Rep. Reynolds to score cheap political points with his reactionary friends is a disgrace that cannot be tolerated.

Anyone who similarly feels that this action by Rep. Reynolds is a disgrace should consider calling him and his staff to condemn this stunt and let them know that Americans will no longer tolerate their LGBT brothers, sisters, children, friends, co-workers and especially their servicemembers being used as a fodder for misguided and bigoted attacks by people like Rep. Reynolds.

And while you're at it, feel free to give Oklahoma Speaker of the House, Rep. Kris Steele, and his staff a call too and let them also know that Speaker Steele should not preside over taking Oklahoma back in time and harming the readiness of its National Guard by supporting Rep. Reynolds's reactionary and absurd bill.

Sean Sala
Servicemembers United: San Diego Leadership Council Member
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