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VIDEO: Equality Forum seeking nominations for 2012 LGBT History Month icons

PHILADELPHIA -- Each October, Equality Forum celebrates LGBT History Month by spotlighting 31 icons who have made notable contributions to society.

With this year's series now complete, the organization is looking for nominations for LGBT History Month in 2012.

To help create next year's LGBT History Month series, community members are encouraged to email nominations for 2012 icons to Equality Forum. The 31 selections will be based on the nominees achievements in their field of endeavor; for their status as a national hero; or for their significant contribution to LGBT rights.

Nominees may be living or deceased.

This year's icons included people like Don't Ask Don't Tell activist Dan Choi; composer Aaron Copland; pop star Lady Gaga; and author Virginia Woolf.

Equality Forum spotlights one icon per day each October on its LGBT History Month web site. Visitors to the site are able to read brief biographies of the icons, and view photos and videos.

Since 2010, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News has also published these icons on its Causes page.

Equality Forum has spotlighted over 186 icons since 2006, and has recently upgraded its web site to include an online "icon search" function so that site visitors can easily access information about the featured individuals.

Nominations for 2012 icons should be received by Friday, Dec. 16, to nominations@equalityforum.com.

Prospective icons will be reviewed by the LGBT History Month 2012 co-chairs: George Chauncey, professor of gay and lesbian history at Yale University and Sue Rankin, professor of higher education at Penn State University.

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