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One dead, five shot in attack in Mexico on gay and transgender sex workers

Editor's note: This is a Google translation from Spanish to English from La Parada. Some terms used in the article are offensive to transgender men and women.

CHIHUAHUA, Mexico -- Another shooting in the 'zone of tolerance' left five people riddled with bullets, one of them dead. It was suggested that the victims are transvestites and the deceased was known as "Thalia"

The attack occurred 6 July morning at the intersection of 12 and Freedom in the downtown area. Witnesses said the gunmen came in a white car and opened fire with high powered rifles against the group of people stood outside a guest house, located at this junction.

Found at this place was the lifeless body of a homosexual, and two others were wounded and a woman also involved in prostitution. Reporters at the scene interviewed witnesses who said that days before the transvestites who work in the area and were to participate in a gay and lesbian march were threatened by organized crime.

At the crime scene ammunition casings were found 17 rounds 7.62 x 39, 5 cartridges .40 caliber casings and seven rounds of ammunition 9mm.

One of the injured fled in his vehicle to the General Hospital for medical care, while the others were treated by paramedics and the Red Cross, and were taken to different hospitals. Municipal Police and the Attorney General arrived to cordon off the area and collect evidence, ambulance staff moved the body for autopsy.

The Prosecutor's Office said that the deceased is a man about 23 years old, fair complexion, light brown skin, 1.80 mt. tall, brown straight hair, wearing a purple dress, black shoes, had three bullet wounds caused by firearms, of which one on the left arm, another in the right leg and once in the head.

The incident occurred at 00:04 pm today, when the now deceased walked down the street 12 th of the colony center, subjects from a vehicle fired several shots and fled.

The injured are 18, 23 and 21 years old.