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ACTION ALERT: Join Dan Choi in signing petition to stop “ex-gay therapy” in Hong Kong

Hello. I'm Dan Choi and I come to you on behalf of Truth Wins Out with a very special request: Please sign this critically important petition today to keep America's "ex-gay" lies out of Asia.

I write with great concern because Hong Kong's Social Welfare Department recently held a workshop for its staff led by a psychiatrist who claims he can "cure" LGBT people by having them take cold showers. The quack doctor, Hong Kwai-wah, is affiliated with Exodus Global Alliance, a discredited group whose work is rejected by every major medical and mental health organization.

As the "ex-gay" message fails in America, Exodus is looking to exploit new markets and export hate overseas. Exodus' last global "outreach" was in Uganda, leading to the notorious and deadly Anti-Homosexuality Bill. This is why it is crucial that we stand up today against Exodus' opportunistic spread of homophobic lies in Asia.

By signing our petition, you will tell the Social Welfare Department that its endorsement of "ex-gay therapy" is bringing great shame to Hong Kong and making a mockery of the department's mission to empower communities with dignity, harmony, and happiness.

Send the Social Welfare Department a message now, urging them to end their humiliating and dangerous partnership with Hong Kwai-wah, and to apologize for legitimizing the dangerous and discredited practice of "curing" LGBT people. This petition will also send a message to Exodus Global Alliance and Exodus International telling these noxious groups to stop exporting anti-gay misinformation across the globe.

When I came out to my parents, I did so because integrity is the most important character trait we can leave future generations. Saving face is only possible by telling the truth. Please let the values of honor and integrity be the greatest inheritance we leave our children.

Join me and Truth Wins Out in signing this important petition so we can put a cold shower on ridiculous "ex-gay" lies in Asia and beyond.


Dan Choi

West Point graduate, combat veteran and proud son of immigrants