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San Diegans to march and "speak out" against anti-transgender violence

SAN DIEGO -- In response to the attack on a transgender woman at a McDonald's restaurant in Baltimore, the San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality (SAME) and All Out City are organizing a march and speak-out event to condemn the attack and all other acts of anti-transgender violence.

The event will begin on Saturday, April 30 at 7:30 pm in front of the McDonald's restaurant at 1414 University Ave. in Hillcrest. Participants will gather for a march which will end at the intersection of Sixth Ave. and University Ave. for the "speak-out."

On April 18 a transgender woman was brutally beaten inside a McDonalds in Baltimore by two patrons after attempting to enter a restroom.

During the beating, a McDonald's employee videotaped the assault with a cell phone which was later posted on YouTube. The employee has since been fired.

“This has been a crushing testament of what people do when they fail to recognize the humanity of another," said SAME member Sean Bohac. "Two people beat another person nearly to death - that's what happened. When is that ever right?... Never!”

Bohac encourages people to attend the event to help erase some of the terror that people in the trans community are feeling every time one of their members is beaten or killed.

"They should come to show support for the T in the LGBT, or just their fellow human - no one deserves this kind of violence for any reason," said Bohac.

“It saddens us that transgender people are so vulnerable, we must use this tragedy to raise awareness about the everyday dangers that trans people face in the US,” said Zakiya Khabir, a member of SAME.

"Many organizers believe that it’s important for all members of the community to take a stand, and support all members of the LGBT community."

Khabir also noted that her organization has been working diligently to break down the barriers between the LGB and the T.

"The community as a whole has a long way to go," said Khabir. "However, the little changes I have seen within our own group give me hope."

Participants are encouraged to meet at 6:30 pm outside the Hillcrest McDonalds to make signs. SAME and All Out City will provide materials. Community members are also encouraged to participate in the "open-mic" speak out that will follow the march.

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For more information about the event or SAME, visit their website.

To educate its members on issues facing the transgender community, SAME has hosted a series of workshops at their meetings.