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San Diego's hottest guys to don drag for humane society fundraiser

SAN DIEGO -- Eden San Diego and DiscoverSD will host a “Faux Yourself” SINdustry drag show on Tuesday, April 19.

The drag show and fake fur benefit will feature some of the hottest men from San Diego nightlife dressed in drag -- and all proceeds made at the door will be donated to the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

Celebrity judges include Lady Bunny and from RuPaul’s “Drag Race,” Ongina, Tammie Brown and Raven.

The night will kick off with a hosted Svedka VIP reception from 9 to 10 pm for guests who RSVP, followed by music and a drag pageant show.

DJ Schoeny will provide the music and Detour Salon will take on the styling of the pageant contestants. And guests will enjoy a styling lounge, gift bags and more!

David Laurent, owner of Eden and a drag pageant contestant, said he predicts the event will be very successful.

“This will be our third SINdustry night since we opened in January and each night has something unique and exciting about it,” Laurent said. “There is a lot of buzz and anticipation around the upcoming fashion show!”

Laurent said industry nights offer an opportunity for those who work in the nightlife industry (who are typically at work on the weekends) to get out. And a slew of San Diego’s hottest men from the nightlife industry will be participating in the SINdustry event.

Nadav Wilf, president of DiscoverSD and a drag pageant contestant, said he would definitely be taking part in the event and joked about the cause.

“It’s for a good cause,” Wilf said. “I think those furry little animals should be eaten not used for coats!”

Wilf said he doesn’t have any particular ideas for his outfit or makeup, but will leave the choices to the drag goddesses.

Rob Corea, marketing director for Eden, said he has a whole team to help him get ready for the night and is looking forward to participating in the drag show.

“I can't wait,” Corea said. “It's going to be my first time doing drag so I'm a little nervous, but it's for a great cause and I have no doubt that the night's events will go down in history.”

Wilf, Laurent and Corea are all confidant that the event will bring a large crowd and raise money for the Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

“I have a lot of friends who are willing to pay top dollar to see me making a fool out of myself so I have no doubt that we'll be able to bring in a great crowd of supporters,” Corea said.

The details

The event will be held at 9 pm, Tuesday, April 19, at Eden, 1202 University Ave. in Hillcrest. To get on the guest list or sign up for VIP or bottle services, visit DiscoverSD.