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VIDEO: Center Theater Group in L.A. says "It Gets Better"

LOS ANGELES -- In response to the increase in the numbers of student suicides stemming from anti-gay bullying, Center Theatre Group (CTG) is releasing a video for the It Gets Better Project.

CTG staff members, including artistic director Michael Ritchie and managing director Charles Dillingham, share personal stories from childhood in a message of support of LGBT youth.

“Our mission statement is quite clear,” Ritchie said. “CTG serves the diverse audiences of Los Angeles, and this includes the 25,000 students from across Southern California who come to our theatres every year.”

In September 2010, the It Gets Better Project was created by syndicated columnist and author Dan Savage to inspire hope for young people facing harassment. The project's website, www.ItGetsBetter.org boasts over 5,000 user-created videos including President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Anne Hathaway, Colin Farrell, members of the Broadway community and the staffs of Google and Facebook.

CTG’s video was commissioned by CTG’s Education and Community Partnership department and created by documentary filmmaker Aleigh Lewis. It includes music by the band Live Footage.

CTG’s three stages, the Mark Taper Forum, the Ahmanson Theatre and Kirk Douglas Theatre, have produced over 50 shows for the Los Angeles community that have gone on to Broadway. CTG’s school matinee performances give students the opportunity to see Broadway-caliber shows, and for many, it is their first experience with live theater.