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Dignity Foundation sets date for annual gala, moving to Eden

SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Human Dignity Foundation (SDHDF) has announced the date for its 2011 fundraising gala.

The Foundation Night, SDHDF's 15th anniversary gala, will be held Saturday, June 11, at Eden San Diego, a new venue for this event.

"We are planning something truly special to celebrate our 15th anniversary! And we are bringing the party back into our community with the brand new venue on University Avenue - Eden!" the foundation said.

The event had been previously held at various venues throughout the city.

The celebration will include food, beverages and fun as community members gather to support the work of the foundation, which is the sole community foundation in the region dedicated to the benefit of LGBT people.

SDHDF funds programs and projects that promote equal treatment, tolerance, wellness, well-being and human dignity while working to strengthen LGBT organizations and leadership.

"In essence, we help connect people who care with causes that matter," said Tony Freeman, executive director.

The event, which will run from 6 to 10 pm, will also include after-hours drink specials benefitting the foundation for those who wish to stick around when the nightclub portion of the venue opens.

SDHDF will be posting additional details about the event soon, including information about the new pricing tiers.

Check out SDHDF's events section for more information.