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Open letter from GetEQUAL: No time for a poker face, Lady Gaga!

Dear Friends,

We all know how supportive Lady Gaga is of LGBT issues. What's missing is her support of immigrants to America -- especially immigrant youth who are also lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

Ask Lady Gaga to stand up to discrimination: www.getequal.org/ladygaga

You've probably heard of the horrifyingly discriminatory law, SB 1070, that was passed in Arizona in April 2010. This law would have asked anyone who "looked" like they might be undocumented to show proof of their citizenship or risk immediate deportation. While parts of the law were blocked yesterday by a federal judge, migrant communities in Arizona have been suffering discrimination and hatred long before SB 1070 and will continue to fight until a full injunction takes place.

As a community of people who understand what government-sanctioned discrimination feels like, it's important that the LGBT community stand strong with those who are experiencing the same type of discrimination at the hands of others ... especially when there are many places where our communities overlap.

We're working with progressive activists in Arizona, who have called for businesses and performers to boycott the state. Many have -- but Lady Gaga is planning to move forward with plans for a concert in Phoenix on July 31. We're joining groups in Phoenix in asking her to make a public statement at the concert against SB 1070 and to stand with the immigrant community in Arizona and beyond.

Sign the petition to ask Lady Gaga to stand with immigrants at www.getequal.org/ladygaga.

This campaign started with a few talented queer immigrant youth telling their stories. Now they need your help in asking one of their sheroes to stand with them:

"I am undocumented and unafraid, while I also live an openly gay life. I have come out to my family, friends, professors and now to you. Coming out with my status as an undocumented citizen puts me in a vulnerable state. I am willing to do it, as many others have for social change. Harvey Milk said, 'If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door.'" -- Amelec Jaalam Diaz

"I'm a second generation Chicano who identifies as being a gay male . A marginalized population of LGBTQ migrants live without recognition or a space of our own. At this time when many are risking everything to stop SB 1070, many people within the broader LGBTQ community are still inactive with this human rights issue. How would it feel to live as a member of the LGBTQ community facing the prejudices of their society and on top of that, directly being assaulted with these laws?" -- Victor Medina

These courageous young people and thousands of others are putting their lives on the line to fight this discriminatory and hateful law. Will you ask Lady Gaga to stand with them?

Ask Lady Gaga to stand up to discrimination at www.getequal.org/ladygaga.

Robin, Kip, Heather, Jay, and Michelle