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One family's story, embroidered in the Loving Quilt

The Loving Quilt, a new project that highlights LGBT families and the obstacles they face to be together, kicked off in February with volunteers beginning to “put together the pieces” of a moving, hand-sewn quilt that will eventually travel the country.

Among the families being highlighted as part of the new project, are the Tan-Mercado family in California.

Shirley Tan, her partner Jay Mercado and their twin sons, Jorienne and Jashley, recently attended an event to mark their inclusion in the project. Shirley and her family – who have been widely featured in the media as they work for passage of the Uniting American Families Act, and were recently profiled in a new Immigration Equality documentary – supplied quilters with family mementos, including flags, photos and fabric samples from important occasions in their life together as a family. Among other things, the quilt highlights Shirley’s testimony last June, before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of UAFA.

All of us at Immigration Equality congratulate Shirley, Jay and their sons for being part of this incredible project. By sharing their story through the quilt, they are also spreading the word about why ending discrimination against families like theirs is so important.