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The work goes on; the cause endures

In the wake of Tuesday’s election in Massachusetts, we have seen a lot of speculation – both inside the Beltway and around the country – about what the results in the Bay State will mean for the national political agenda. Already, media pundits, op-ed pages and talk radio are awash in predictions, proposals and premonitions about what the future holds.

The truth, however, is that it’s probably too early to tell what the coming months will hold for our families. What we can tell you today, however, is this: Immigration Equality is still working, non-stop, to pass legislation that would end discrimination against LGBT binational couples.

On Wednesday morning, we were back on Capitol Hill, meeting with key offices about the need to pass LGBT-inclusive immigration reform. We will not rest until we get the job done.

We also know this: The American people, in poll after poll, want our country’s broken immigration system fixed. And they want to be fair to families and keep them together.

That’s a message with bipartisan appeal. And it’s one we continue to deliver to both Democratic and Republican offices.

Passing immigration reform has always been predicated on finding GOP lawmakers who will stand with Democratic allies to get the job done. History has shown that immigration is not as partisan as some other issues. There are Republican lawmakers who support fixing the system, and Democratic lawmakers who aren’t yet where we’d like them to be. That was true in 2007, when Congress last tackled immigration reform, and it is true today.

As we have said here on our blog before, Immigration Equality’s strategy has always been to focus on every possible venue for victory. We continue to advocate for the Uniting American Families Act . . . for the inclusive Reuniting Families Act . . . and for a comprehensive immigration reform bill that includes our families, too. That has not changed.

The coming weeks will undoubtedly tell us much more about the impact of Tuesday’s election on immigration reform. As we learn more, we’ll share what we know with you here on our site. We don’t know enough, just yet, to make any long-term predictions. But we do know that, whatever the future holds, we will always fight for our families.

And rest assured that today, and every day, our work on your behalf continues unabated. As a friend in Massachusetts once said, “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die.”