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By purchasing a gift for your dog you can also help Haiti

(SAN DIEGO) While retailers in the U.S. prepare for Valentine’s Day, many charitable organizations are scrambling to raise much needed funds to assist victims of the recent earthquake that all but demolished Haiti.

Joyce Tang and Susan Chu, M.D. are two San Diego business owners (and dog lovers) who have joined the fundraising efforts by creating the “Doggie Valentines for Haiti Relief” initiative. By day both women have different careers, one in IT and the other in health care, but during their spare time they collaborate on a business venture aimed at encouraging animal adoptions through the sale of their products.

Their online company, Woof’s Life, specializes in pet bandanas that are available in an assortment of colors. They also offer a variety of patches that can be sewn onto the bandanas. The patches come in over 20 different designs that represent a part of a dog’s personality; from the games they enjoy playing to the food they enjoy most.

To support the Haiti disaster relief, all proceeds in January and February from Woof's Life's popular "Heart/Valentine" patch and "Doggie Valentine Bandana + Patch" combo will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Additionally, the purchase of any of their other bandanas at any given point will result in the donation of one pound of food to a local animal shelter.

“Dog lovers are passionate people,” said Tang, adding that the founding principle of Woof’s Life has always been about giving tangible help.

It cost less than $4 to purchase a patch and less than $15 to purchase a bandana, to view the selections visit the company’s