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Inspired in the fight for equality

About a month ago I was hired as the newest addition to SLDN’s Legal Department. I anticipated that I was going to love the working environment, but I also suspected that it would be the hardest job I’ve ever had.

I was right on both counts. SLDN is an amazing place to work, and there is nothing more gratifying than puzzling through challenging issues with brilliant and dedicated people whose passion for this cause is nothing short of contagious. But the law remains, and the stories of our clients — many of whom are being forced to make impossible choices — are absolutely heartbreaking. As someone who went to law school to more effectively stand up for people facing injustice, the chance to represent these brave service members is fulfilling beyond measure.

And as an attorney who shares a duty to fight for what is best for our clients, this law must be repealed, and it needs to be repealed soon.