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Courage Campaign petitions to televise the Prop 8 trial

On Wednesday, the Courage Campaign asked readers of its e-mail list to respond to Judge Vaughn Walker's request for public comment on potentially televising the Prop 8 federal trial that starts Monday. In less than 24 hours, 82,103 people signed the letter from the Courage Campaign Institute and CREDO Action, and as of this morning 126,437 people have signed.

According to San Jose Mercury News, Judge Walker ruled to allow court-operated cameras in the courtroom to be broadcast on a delay cycle via YouTube. Despite Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling, right-wing groups like the National Organization for Marriage and Focus on the Family are gathering signatures to stop any broadcast of the Prop. 8 trial.

This decision is not yet final - Judge Walker is leaving the public comment period open until Friday, pending a ruling on his decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit.

While the Courage Campaign is pleased that the trial may be on a delayed broadcast via YouTube, their call for full transparency - a televised broadcast that network news and cable channels can pick up live, as it happens - has not been met. Further, it is possible that the 9th Circuit Appeals Court may overrule Judge Walker's ruling, shutting down all broadcasting - even a delayed daily YouTube broadcast. Lawyers representing supporters of Prop. 8 have already opposed broadcasting the trial in any form whatsoever and are likely to fight Walker's ruling.

Courage Campaign is encouraging people to help them keep the pressure on the court. The public comment period will be open through Friday, January 8. Courage Campaign set a goal of 100,000 signatures, which has already been met. But with right-wing religious groups like NOM and Focus on the Family organizing against televising the trial, the organizations needs as many signatures as possible and encourages people to spread the word and encourage others to sign the petition.